The windows in your home or office need a thorough cleaning at least twice a year, but most people hate cleaning their windows. Reasons are varied – from ‘it’s a boring task’ to ‘I never get shiny glass like clear windows’ to more. Window cleaners tell us that using newspapers, spray cleaners, bunched-up paper towels and lots of sweaty hard work doesn’t necessarily lead to walk-into-glass like clean windows.

Because all that rubbing and scrubbing is not a good idea, as you move dirt from one location to another, and put a static charge on the window glass, that is a dust-and-dirt attracting magnet. Your windows look smudgy as soon as you’re done cleaning.

What are the Biggest Window-Cleaning Challenges?

1. Dirty sills and grimy frames

2. Dusty, spotty screens

3. Smudged, smeared glass

We have charted out a list of window cleaning tips and suggestions that come straight from the professionals.

Read on and get crystal clear windows every single time with our expert advice on the most common window cleaning issues.

Problem #1. Windows get dirty too fast.  

Expert Solution – You can try changing the filters of your heating and cooling systems like a furnace or an air conditioner, as this could be causing your windows getting spotty and smudgy pretty fast.

The reason behind this is the fact that homes today are airtight and trap a lot of pollen, dust, dander, hair and other particles. The heating and cooling appliances also trap particles, leading to filthy filters. Anytime you can’t see light through your filter, wash it off.

Problem #2. Smoke is ruining your windows.  

Expert Solution – Get rid of secondhand smoke stains like nicotine film and grime from your windows by washing it off with an ammonia solution.

Mix a cup of ammonia, lemon-scented, with nearly 10 litres of water and utilise this solution to make your windows super clean. The lemon scent will leave a beautiful smell in your home and the ammonia cuts through the nicotine and grime.

Problem #3. You’ve filthy screens.  

Expert Solution – Remove your screens from the window and wash them properly in a separate area like your bathroom. Use a broad brush to scrub at the stubborn grime on them and use warm soapy water to make the screens clean and shiny. Hold the screen against a sturdy surface, facing the floor, and rap at an end to loosen up the dirt. Rinse off thoroughly.

Problem #4. – Your windows are smudged with streaks right after a wash.  

Expert Solution – Invest in a good quality window-cleaning squeegee that has a soft rubber edge. Start drying the top end or corner end of the glass and spread the squeegee to other portions gradually. Do not try to dry very wet windows straightaway. Also, don’t wash the windows in the sun; it increases the chances of streaking. Do your window cleaning in the evening or in cloudy days.

Bonus Tip – Waded-up black-and-white newspapers work perfectly instead of a squeegee for flawless windows that are streak-free.

Problem #5. – Your blinds attract dust like bees to pollen.  

Expert Solution – Get an antiseptic spray like Static Gaurd and spray liberally on your windows as soon as you’re done washing them. This will prevent dust from collecting there too much.

Problem #6. – Your window frames have mold and mildew growing.  

Expert Solution – Mildew causes black or grey dirty-looking spots on wooden window frames which can be removed by cleaning with a solution of bleach and detergent. Mix 2 ounces of bleach with 1 ounce of laundry detergent in water and wear rubber gloves before attacking the mildew on your frames. Let the solution rest for about 10 minutes, then rinse it off.